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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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they were killed by gunfire or a knife. when police arrived after the report of a shooting, they encountered a man covered in blood leaving. police say he fired at officers. fires did not have their weapons drawn so they took cover and the suspect took off, running into a nearby restaurant. police say he fired again at police. the chief believes he ran out of bullets and threw down his weapon and surrendered. while all this was happening, a call went out over the7ñ police radio. it's a code 406. let's take a look down this street. that is an emergency call from police. it means a police officer needs help. so police agencies from all over san francisco responded. once they got here, they pulled their weapons out. a lot of them are still here. but police say no police officers were hurt in this incident, and once the first suspect walls arrested, a search
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began for a second possible suspect. area businesses were told to shelter in place. the jewelry mart was evacuated. s.w.a.t. and canine units moved in to search the building. they believe there is only one suspect based on video, so the search continues at this moment. we know now two women are dead inside that jewelry store. one man was wounded and taken to the hospital. we're told he's listed in stable condition. one suspect is in custody. police officers cook fire today but no one was hurt. that's the latest here in san francisco. jean elle. back to you. >> that jewelry mart is a massive ware house style building. it's been in business for years now. one of the stores is victoga. it's been in business for 26 years. the jewelry mart is shopping by appointment only. it's a very secure location 689.
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i want to show you this. this is a live chopper we're looking at right now of the traffic in the area. we mentioned a couple hours ago, the traffic had completely been shut down in this area. as police were securing the area. now it's been reopened. that's 9th street and brannon you're looking at. the traffic is moving on brannon. this is such a congested area o a normal day that today it's just pure gridlock right there. because this is the way that you try to get on the freeway to get on 80 to try to get to the east bay. so it's very, very difficult to get around. the chopper is pulling back now so you can get a better aerial view. earlier today, townsend was closed. so this entire area leads you to the china basin, can lead you over to the mission area, and it can lead you onto the freeway. right now you have a lot of commuters and what's on 9th street is completely shut down.
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>> a lot of people in the area working there was on lockdown this afternoon where a lot of high tech workers are. scott budman joins us with this part of the story. >> reporter: the area where this is located is often called the design center. there are a lot of tech companies located there, and they were on lockdown. a very heavy police presence in the area. let's take a look at some photos sent around this afternoon via social media. lots of tech workers tweeting how their companies were given the shelter in place order. we reached out to get confirmation from a few of the companies in the area. this brick building is a web related special startup. pictures show how things were shut down. a lot of traffic typically in the area, but after the shooting no people, and as jessica pointed out, the car traffic was stuck. that is zynga on the right.
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speaking of zynga, at headquarters right there on 7th and brannon, there was a message sent to employees, talking about how the business was on lock down, everybody needed to stay there and they were waiting for clearance from the police department. a lot of big tech conferences are also held in the building there. tech workers in the area telling us things gradually got calmer as the afternoon went on. and of course, you can count on tech workers to keep everyone abreast of what's going on through social media. >> so 2:15 was the shooting. a live look from our chopper. 2:15 the shooting and now 5:00 getting in and out of the city even more challenging on this getaway friday. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the evidence aing. >> you can see the interchange there. that's 80. people trying to get out of the city. we each heard from some people in that gift center at the beginning that they just
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abandoned their cars because they knew the traffic was going to be a hassle. jean elle spoke to one perp in the building, she said she was so shaken by hearing the gunshots, she left her car and went home on b.a.r.t. this is 9th street, i believe -- no, that's closer to brannon. there is a restaurant across the street. you can see police activity and you can see the police tape still up at this hour. the police at this point are doing what they're doing is shrinking the perimeter. they're trying to open up some streets. there was a shelter in place for all companies in that neighborhood to just shut down and not let their employees leave the building as police in the beginning tried to figure out if they had a second suspect. they no longer believe there is a second suspect. one suspect is in the hospital in custody.
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>> we'll continue to follow this story throughout the news cast. we're also following more breaking news tonight. we just learned that a third victim has died in the wake of the asiana plane crash. marian favro has more on the effort to chelean up the runway. but we begin with cheryl hurd with the latest on that third victim. cheryl, we've been talking about this for days. we knew there was a child there, and sit the child that has died. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. the announcement came down a couple of hours ago. the head of surgery and the head of neurosurgery made the announcement together today. they told a group of reporters that a third victim has died in saturday's cash of asiana flight 214. doctors say she passed away early this morning. >> she died of her injuries. it is a pediatric patient who has been in our intensive care
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unit. her family has asked we don't release any details about her, her identity, the nature of her injuries or the treatment that she received. >> reporter: here's an update on the number of patients treated here at san francisco general from that crash. a total of 67 patients have been treated here. 36 adults, 31 children. 60 of those patients have been discharged. one person died and that's the young girl who died today. and six patients remain here at the hospital, five adults and one child. that young girl has been in critical condition ever since she arrived on saturday. and again, the parents have asked no other information be released about their child and they have asked for privacy. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> >> new details in the investigation into the death of that chinese teenager whose body was found in the wreckage of that crash. police confirmed the 16-year-old
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girl was run over by a fire truck rushing to fight the fire that broke out in the plane. the chief says the girl was covered by a layer of fire retardant and she was not visible to the arriving crew. what isn't known is whether she was still alive when that fire truck hit her. the medical examiner will determine that, and that report won't be issued for another two to three weeks. firefighters found the girl when they looked back at the truck's tire tracks. runway 28-left where the crash happened would reopen as early as tonight. you can see now how much progress crews have made in the past 24 hours, clearing the fuselage. actually the last few days. today, the runway is clear of all major debris. marian favro joins us now. this is big business, costing the airport and airlines a lot of money each day that runway remains closed. >> reporter: absolutely, raj.
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at least every day since the plane crashed here at sfo, they have had at least 100 cancellations a day and 200 on the first day. i can tell you that airport leaders tell me that the airport runway could open as early as 6:00 this evening. but they stay that even if that doesn't happen, the latest it will happen is 6:00 tomorrow morning. this is 28-l, the runway where flight 214 crashed, killing three people and injuring dozens of others. today we got a closeup look at how the airport is preparing to reopen the damaged runway. >> we've brought in over 1,000 tons of asphalt. we had to do a lot of asphalt repairs as a result of gouges, scrapes in the runway, as a result of hydraulic fuel. >> reporter: soon, this giant x indicating to pilots the runway is closed will be removed and
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planes will be able to land once again. the last hurdle, the faa must do an aerial inspection from a learjet. >> there's an faa test craft that will do a flyover to ensure all the navigational aids work, as well. >> reporter: including these four directional lights that were not working the day of the crash. crews also had to take huge rocks back into the sea wall and paint some final lines. today, there were about 100 flights canceled because of the runway closure. the airport director says he expects no cancellations tomorrow. the airport fuselage has been take on the an airport lot where investigator also have additional access to it if they need it. and they can also tell you that the bill for this entire repair of the runway will be submitted to asiana airlines by the airport. reporting live at sfo, marian favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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a programming note to pass along to you. tomorrow, you can see our behind the scenes story with the ntsb chairman. we'll have survivors reuniting with first responders inside of our studio here. we hope you can join us tomorrow night at 6:30. i want to give you another live look at the nbc bay area chopper over that building where that shooting happened. this is 888 brannon street, a san francisco gift center, jewelry mart. around 2:15 day, a lot of action there when a man emerged after there were two people found inside a jewelry store. that man has been taken to san francisco general. this whole area was just shut down, no traffic moving in and out. that part of brannon street remains closed. you can see the police vehicles outside of that. they are opening the streets around this area, but this is heavy police presence right
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there. two dead imside that shooting, inside that jewelry mart. a third victim was taken to the hospital, a man. he is in stable condition. right across the street, you're looking at what appears to be the san francisco design center, if i can see that correctly. a lot of traffic in the area. if our chopper pulls out, you can see that traffic is starting to move, but still very slow, very congested. this is usually a congested area to begin with, and that entrance to i-80 is usually jammed as it is any way. we're going to continue to cover this for you and will have more throughout the news cast.
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we continue to follow breaking news. our nbc chopper over the site, a big traffic backup in san francisco, the fallout of a shooting that happened at 2:15, near 8th and brannon inside the
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san francisco jewelry mart. it's a collection of more than 100 jewelry stores in a huge warehouse style building. the shooting was at 2:15. two women were found dead inside of a jewelry store. and now it's the backup. some ground level pictures here. several streets remain closed. we're expected to get apupdate from the chief shortly. but the traffic in and out of san francisco even more to on this friday in the 5:00 hour. >> let's get things out to jean elle, live at the scene. you spoke to the chief and some witnesses. any new word on how they're shrinking that perimeter and what if any new information do you have? >> reporter: we are seeing some personnel leave. i did just see some employees leaving the building, which means the shelter in place may have been lifted. take a look down the street, there are still a lot of police
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officers here, still an active scene. this all started with shots being fired inside a jewelry store. a man who has been at the jewelry mart before went inside a gold store called victoga and started shooting. two women were killed, one man shot and wounded. he's being treated at san francisco general hospital. when police responded to the call of shots fired, they encountered a man covered in blood. he fired at officers and officers did not have weapons drawn so took cover. the suspect ran into a mexican fire. police say he fired again, and this time they did not fire back because there were too many people around. the suspect ran out of bullets and surrendered. a code 406 went out over the police radio, meaning officer needs help. so police agencies from all over
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san francisco responded. >> i saw a policeman crouch next to my car with his gun sort of pointed in my direction. you know, not really at me, but in my direction. so i just ran very quickly and then hid in one of the stores there. >> reporter: scary moments for people in this neighborhood, inside that jewelry mart and outside. police say no police officers were hurt and no innocent bystanders were hurt. just the two women inside the store were kid, one man wounded and the suspect was covered with blood. once the suspect was arrested, a search began for a second suspect inside the jewelry mart. after area businesses were told to shelter in place, the jewelry mart was evacuated. s.w.a.t. and canine units moved
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in to search the building. the chief polibelieves there's one suspect based on video. personnel are beginning to leave and i have started to see workers starting to leave, as well. so this may be winding down. but two women inside the jewelry mart are dead. one man was wounded. he's at the hospital. one suspect is in custody. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> a lot happen thing south of market. and those workers at a lot of high tech companies are being able to leave their buildings. we'll continue to cover the story, including details about it. was it a robbery or random shooting? also, when will the jewelry mart reopen? very popular going into the weekend especially. continue to follow our coverage on air and online on our website, no charges are being filed against the father of a
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21-month-old missing oakland girl. daphne webb has been missing since wednesday morning. her father was arrested on child endangerment charges, but the d.a. says they need to take a wait and see approach. jodi hernandez joins us with more. >> reporter: the search continues tonight, but more than 48 hours after little daphne disappeared, still no sign of her. meanwhile, her father is about to be released from jail. police had arrested daphne's father, john webb, on wednesday night on charges of child endangerment for leaving the toddler in the car with his 87-year-old mother while he went inside a market along international boulevard to buy a drink. when he returned, the baby was gone. but after thoroughly reviewing the case, the district attorney has decided not to file charges after all. this afternoon i got a chance to
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talk to daphne's mother, who is devastated by her disappearance. she gave us some new pictures and said she misses her terribly. she said she did not want to say about john webb's pending release but says he's a good dad. >> there is something he has to deal with on his conscience. and if not, if somebody took her, he has to deal with that too because he was the last person with her. at the end of the day, i don't mean to sound selfish, but that's my child. >> reporter: she last saw her daughter june 27 but talked to her on the phone last tuesday afternoon. police are trying to pin down a timeline and exactly when the last time anybody saw the father and daughter together. again, john webb will not be charged. he's being transported from the
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court house and once he arrives, we're told he will be released. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we continue to follow this story, that shooting in san francisco, south of market at the jewelry store. a lot of traffic, a sluggish start to the weekend coming in and out of san francisco as we speak. this is not far from at&t park at 8th and brannon. we'll continue to follow this story on air and online. stay with us.
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nbc bay area news meteorologist jeff ranieri joins was a friday forecast. it's finally here. >> we've got some weather that's not going to disappoint as we
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head into the weekend. we're going to get right to that saturday forecast, as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we're going to be stuck with that fog at the coastline, fogged in from the northern coast down to santa cruz. for the interior valleys, not much in the way of cloud cover. sunny skies throughout the tri-valley, down through san jose with sunshine. outside now, plenty of blue sky out there in the silicon valley. all that moisture we had earlier in the week is long gone. off to the north here, looking towards san francisco, it's not as strong as it has been in the past couple of days, it's losing steam, which will have an impact on the temperatures. let's get your fog factor forecast in here for saturday. the typical areas will have that fog, the entire coastline, also the northern counties not too much for alameda and contra
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costa, we have not highlighted that or san jose. so the largest perimeter of the fog will be at the coastline with areas of drizzle and mist likely. by the afternoon, full-on sunshine here. napa, vallejo, livermore, san jose, morgan hill. but if you're headed to the beaches, expect that fog to stay in the forecast through the afternoon and right on into the evening hours. the only exception at our beach also be santa cruz. that's the one spot not in the 50s and the 60s. 74 degrees expected. 87 in santa rosa. 87 in gilroy. with two days now with this strong on shore flow, the interesting thing in the east bay, not going to have as much steam. that breeze is going to get cut off, enabling livermore to pop up to 89. 67 in san francisco and expecting 80 in sonoma. you can see what it's going to mean for the temperatures.
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on the seven-day forecast, mid to upper 80s saturday and sunday. 60s at the coastline. throughout next week, sure we get it warmer by wednesday or thursday, friday, but definitely not too hot for this time of the year. >> we call that country club weather. >> i like that. if i just had a country club to go to. >> a quick update on what's happening in san francisco, where there's still a lot of traffic issues because of what happened in this building. this is the gift center and jewelry mart in the design district. the building is 888 brannon. around 2:15, shots were fired, two women were found dead and a man taken into custody. traffic being impacted severely still at this hour. we'll be right back. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
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we continue to follow our breaking news. a terrifying afternoon that played out south of market at 8th and brannon. this is not far from at&t park next to the jewelry center. you see that big warehouse building there. there was a shooting inside the jewelry center. two women were found dead. the suspect, a single suspect was taken into custody to sf general to see if he had any injuries. there is a massive traffic backup right now. several businesses in the area were on lockdown. some high visibility, high tech companies all on lockdown, but now they have been released. we'll continue to follow the story throughout our 6:00 news cast. >> nbc bay area news will
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continue at 6:00. "nightly news" is next. on our broadcast tonight, to the jury. deliberations are now under way in the george zimmerman trial. now all eyes on a possible verdict. a tragic turn in the investigation into the san francisco 777 crash. confirmation that one of the dead passengers was hit by a responding vehicle after the crash. and the abortion fight playing out tonight in texas. for that matter across the country from state to state. also tonight, taking a stand for the rights of women and girls, from an inspiring young woman with a powerful story who has fought all the way back. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. the jury now has the case.
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